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Scenario Dependencies

Enhance your Train Simulator experience with our meticulously recreated passenger cars from the Series 22-96 and 84-96 in our 22/84-96 Passenger Cars Full Pack. These models bring an authentic slice of European railway history and engineering excellence to your virtual tracks.

Both series of coaches were originally part of the DB fleet in Germany, built according to the UIC Z2 specifications, ensuring robust construction and high-speed capability. Their modernization at Atelierele Griviţa included significant upgrades such as air conditioning, new interior layouts, and updated braking systems, making them suitable for modern rail networks.

The Series 22-96 coaches, with their 60-seat capacity and elegant design, provide a versatile option for various routes. Meanwhile, the Series 84-96 coaches are specially designed to accommodate passengers with additional storage needs, making them ideal for routes popular with outdoor enthusiasts.

The pack includes eight 2nd class 22-96 series cars, and two 2nd class 84-96 series cars that have a dedicated space for bikes, all of them with complete full passenger views, interior cameras, night mode, door animations and original sounds.

The pack contains the following 10 passenger cars:

TM Calatori Beem 22-96 011
TM Calatori Beem 22-96 018
TM Calatori Beem 22-96 021
TM Calatori Beem 22-96 026
TM Calatori Beem 22-96 031
TM Calatori Beem 22-96 034
TM Calatori Beem 22-96 038
TM Calatori Beem 22-96 039
TM Calatori Bbeem 84-96 003
TM Calatori Bbeem 84-96 006

The pack also contains two scenarios for the DEJ CALATORI – BECLEAN PE SOMES route:

[22/84-96] IR 1831 Galati – Iasi – Cluj Napoca
[22/84-96] R 4486 Dej Calatori – Ilva Mica



Step 1 – Run the utility “TM_Calatori_22_84-96_FULL_PACK_vX_X_X.exe” and follow the installation steps.
Step 2 – Enjoy the ride!

Make sure that no antivirus is blocking or influencing the installation utilities❗


Technical specifications

Series 22-96 Passenger Coaches

Originally built by DB in Germany and later modernized by Atelierele Griviţa between 2007 and 2010, the Series 22-96 coaches offer a perfect blend of classic design and modern amenities. These coaches feature end compartments and a central salon, providing a comfortable and versatile travel experience.

Manufacturer: Atelierele Griviţa
Years of Modernization: 2007 – 2010
Length Over Buffers: 26,400 mm
Wheelbase: 19,000 mm
Weight: 45 tons
Maximum Speed: 200 km/h
Brake System: Pneumatic, KE – GPR-Mg
Power Supply: 1500 V, 50 Hz AC
Climate Control: Air conditioning
Seating Capacity: 60
Bogie Type: GP200 with glide plates

Series 84-96 Passenger Coaches

The Series 84-96 coaches, also modernized by Atelierele Griviţa in 2008, cater to passengers needing additional storage for bicycles or skis. These coaches retain the original charm of their DB origins while incorporating modern updates for enhanced comfort and functionality.

Manufacturer: Atelierele Griviţa
Year of Modernization: 2008
Length Over Buffers: 26,400 mm
Wheelbase: 19,000 mm
Weight: 45 tons
Maximum Speed: 200 km/h
Brake System: Pneumatic, KE – GPR-Mg
Power Supply: 1500 V, 50 Hz AC
Climate Control: Air conditioning
Seating Capacity: 55
Special Features: Dedicated space for bicycles and skis
Bogie Type: GP200 with glide plates



In order to use this asset on a route, you must first check “TM/RailWorks” in Scenario Editor and find the passenger cars in the list with the “TM” prefix and the control cars in the engines list also with the “TM” prefix.
Custom locos will have to contain “Headlights” control value and “Apply to consist” checked in order to activate the interior lights.


Key Features

⭐ Highly detailed 3D model
⭐ Highly detailed GP200 with glide plates bogies
⭐ High quality bogie textures
⭐ Advanced hi-quality exterior shaders
⭐ HD winter exterior textures
⭐ Full interior camera movement
⭐ Specific highly detailed interior 3D models
⭐ Interior/exterior doors animations
⭐ Real HQ door sounds
⭐ Real HQ interior/exterior braking sounds
⭐ Animated couples between the wagons
⭐ Animated air pipes between the wagons
⭐ Animated bridges between the wagons
⭐ Animated electric cables between the wagons
⭐ Dynamic and highly detailed taillights
⭐ Custom AI behaviour
⭐ Custom script
⭐ Easy to use installer


Custom features

In Train Simulator, these coaches offer an immersive and realistic experience. Their detailed interiors, accurate physics, and high-quality textures ensure that every journey feels authentic. Whether you’re simulating high-speed regio services or regional routes, the Series 22-96 and 84-96 coaches bring a new level of realism and enjoyment to your gameplay.


Real and unique sounds

🔊 Running train car bogey, wheels, and junctions
🔊 Exterior and interior sounds depending train speed
🔊 Stopping sounds
🔊 Air Brake sounds
🔊 Real door opening sounds
🔊 Real door closing sounds


Special thanks

Andrei Furculesteanu
Zsolti Pal
Andrei Rus
Soimu Marius Gheorghe



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