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The Bautzen Z2 Modern Pack includes six cars operated by German private operator Alex, formerly known as Arriva Landerbahn Express, which was partially owned by Swiss state operator SBB, and were coupled with EuroThurbo locomotives.

Three of the Alex cars are of the ABvmz type, which was converted from the former Amz 210 InterRegio coaches purchased from DB around 2006 and modernized for Alex in 2007 by Halberstadt. Four compartments were modernized into 1st and 2nd class, a multi-purpose room was set up, and a disabled toilet and air conditioning were installed. Three of the 20 former Amz 210 express coaches purchased from DB were not converted into ABvmz but modified as un-air-conditioned 2nd class compartment cars by simply reworking the old equipment in the design of the new Alex.

Five of the coaches feature the current-day blue-white color scheme, some in new and others in used condition, while one features the original Alex scheme (white-blue-red) which was used at the time before switching over to the current-day scheme.

Today they are mostly used on trains between Oberstdorf/Lindau and Munich and between Regensburg and Hof/Plzeň (Czech Republic)

The pack contains the following six coaches, three ABvmz (1st and 2nd classes combined) and three Bomz (2nd  class):

TM – Alex ABvmz 39-90 501-9
TM – Alex ABvmz 39-90 503-5
TM – Alex ABvmz 39-95 518-8
TM – Alex Bomz 20-95 506-4
TM – Alex Bomz 20-95 510-6
TM – Alex Bomz 20-95 514-8



Step 1 – Run the “TM_Bautzen_Z2_Modern_Pack_vX_X_X.exe” utility and follow the installation steps.
Step 2 – Download the “TM_Bautzen_Z2_Deps_vX_X.exe” utility from the “My downloads” section and install it only once.
Step 3 – Have fun!


Technical specifications

Number of seats: Abvmz 20/29, Bomz 60
Bogey type GP200
Maximum speed: 200km/h
Brakes: KE-GPR Mg
Heating/Ventilation: ABvmz: Air conditioning (ventilation, heating, cooling) Bomz: modulated air
Weight: ~40t
Length over the buffers: 26.4m



In order to use this asset on a route, you must first check “TM/RailWorks” in Scenario Editor and find the cars in the list with the “TM” prefix. The interior night mode can be turned on if the locomotive has high beam headlights. (Headlights on position 2)
Custom locos will have to contain a “Headlights” control value and “Apply to consist” checked with a value of 2 in order to activate night mode with spotlights.


Key Features

★ Detailed 3D model
★ Highly detailed GP200 bogies
★ Highly detailed under-carriage equipment
★ Detailed interior 3D model
★ HD exterior textures
★ HD interior textures
★ Editable destination signs
★ Interior rain effect
★ Dynamic long-run interior lightning
★ Exterior door animations
★ Real HQ bogey sounds
★ Real HQ door sounds
★ Real HQ disc brake sounds
★ Dynamic Air-conditioning sound
★ Dynamic taillights
★ AI-compatible night mode
★ Winter textures
★ Custom AI behavior
★ Custom script
★ Easy-to-use installer


Editable destination boards

All of the coaches feature editable destination boards which can be set up in the scenario editor for each car. For more information on their setup please consult the included manual.



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    4 out of 5


    Nice alex coaches. But 25,60€ is a bit expensive for theese coaches, that’s why only 4 Stars

    • Zsolti

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      Hello, thank you for your feedback. A lot of work goes into these assets to make them look as realistic as possible.

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