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Suv Suv
negru13 negru13
Zsolti Zsolti





Bucuresti Nord – Ploiesti Vest – Urziceni route has 2 geographical directions starting from Bucharest North to Ploiesti Vest and East at Urziceni + Henri Coanda Airport.

You will drive more than 150km through a real-world environment replica until you reach one of the 3 main destinations. Along with the Urziceni mainline, you will get 3 BONUS extensions (Ploiesti Vest, Ploiesti Cring, and Chiajna).

This release has three real-life mainlines that you will get to experience: CFR M300:Bucuresti Nord – Ploiesti Vest, M700:Bucuresti Nord – Urziceni, and M700T1 for the international airport.

The route has a new and improved version of our TMV signals that are specially optimized for the best performance and realism.
We also added a new pack of great environmental sounds that make the whole experience way more immersive.

Every area that you will find in this addon was researched and photographed individually by members of our team and matches the exact length of the real lines, being built strictly following Google Maps and field collected data.

The route contains 15 standard mixed (real and fictional) scenarios for passengers and freight services featuring various locomotives and seasons. Quick drive compatible also.

In order to have the complete experience without any missing assets (vegetation, scenery objects, etc.) you must download and install the required external assets. Click on the Route dependencies button above.

The payware pack of our route does not contain any freeware/payware content from any other publisher. We offer strictly our own content.

Along with the route you will get all the Romanian assets developed by our team for this project.

Some of them are:
Bucuresti Nord station, Bucuresti Basarab station, Bucuresti Calatori Depot, Bucuresti Calatori turntable, Bucuresti Basarab bridge, Grant bridge, Chitila station, Buftea station, Bucuresti Triaj, P.O. Carpati, Romanian tracks, Romanian catenary, Romanian buildings, improved TMV signals, and many other scenery assets.



Step 1 – Run the “TM_Bucuresti_Ploiesti_Urziceni_X.X.exe” installer and follow the installation steps.
Step 2 – Download and install all the external assets specified in the dependencies list here.
Step 3 – Enjoy the ride!



Version 1.1
– [BugFix] – Black sky in some instances fixed.
– Added extra line “Parapet” in CFR Bucuresti Calatori depot.
– Added red light shunt signal for line “Parapet”.
– [BugFix] – Signal identification plates in Bucuresti Nord area corrected.
– [BugFix] – Speed limits revised for multiple areas.
– [BugFix] – “DB Freight to Urziceni” scenario end instruction fixed.
– Various scenery elements slight rearrangement.
– Small terrain texture modifications for multiple areas.
– Shunt signals from “Remiza Basarab” were removed according to the real environment.


New features

– New and improved TMV signals
– Environment sounds



– ATC R-E-11537 – Bucuresti Nord – Ploiesti Vest
– CFR Infrastructura: Mogosoaia – Urziceni
– CFR LDH la manevra: Balotesti – Complex H. Coanda – Buftea
– BR 294 Military transfer: Ploiesti Cring – Chiajna
– DB Freight to Urziceni: Parc Chiajna – Urziceni
– DB 294 Containere catre Cring: Urziceni – Ploiesti Cring
– IRN-01641 – Depou Bucuresti Calatori – Ploiesti Vest
– LDH 80 Recuperare automotor: Chiajna – Revizie tehnica Bucuresti Nord
– R-3025 – Bucuresti Nord – Ploiesti Vest
– R-3030 – Ploiesti Vest – Bucuresti Nord
– R-7033 – Bucuresti Nord – Urziceni
– R-3035 – Bucuresti Nord – Urziceni
– R-8121 – Urziceni – Bucuresti Nord
– R-E-10110 – Henri Coanda International Airport – Bucuresti Nord
– R-E-7919 – Bucuresti Nord – Henri Coanda International Airport



Suv – Route building, 3D models, Scenarios, Research.
Zsolti Pal – 3D models, Testing, Research.
negru13 – 3D models, TMV signaling system, Sound design, Debugging, Optimization.


Special thanks

We will like to send a big thank you to all the people that supported us as a team over the years and the ones involved actively in this project, regardless of the team they belong to.


If you really like trains and what we do for this simulator, please support us by not encouraging piracy of these assets. It’s a huge amount of time and effort involved in the process of creating this level of realism and piracy will just make the authors no longer publish their work.



This product cannot be redistributed and modified in any form without the author’s permission.

Redistribution on any other website or forum except www.train-motion.com is strictly forbidden and will entail permanent deactivation of your account on www.train-motion.com and related official pages and we will no longer sell to you any of our future or existing products. (Every asset contains info about its owner)

Reverse engineering on this asset or other parts of it is strictly forbidden.
(that means the models, the textures, sounds, the configs)


If you encounter any problems regarding this asset, let us know at:
office@train-motion.com or Facebook Messenger.


Generall rating:

4.40 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings


  1. Alexitto28

    Writen by:

    5 out of 5



  2. Avatar

    Writen by:


    dabia astept sa ma joc pe harta aceasta

  3. sava

    Writen by:


    Buna ziua Train-Motion ruta veche Bucuresti Nord – Ploiesti Vest numai merge sa se instaleze ce pot face ? Cumva numai este valabila ?

    • negru13

      Writen by:


      Este in continuare valabila, urmeaza pasii de instalare, descarca dependintele si nu vei avea probleme. Numai bine!

  4. Avatar

    Writen by:

    5 out of 5


    Great route, having two diverse train routes in one package – electrified multitrack mainline from Bucharest Nord to Ploesti with 140km/h speed limit, and rural diesel-powered single track line to Urziceni. Exceptionally well detailed and realistic. Nice surprise are animated flying planes near the airport area.

  5. martijn

    Writen by:

    5 out of 5


    Just a great route, very good atmosphere, detail and realism, and very nice to have Quick Drive! Can’t wait for the line on to Brasov, via Sinaia etc 🙂

  6. penguinuser

    Writen by:

    5 out of 5


    ce se intampla dupa ce cumpar ruta?

  7. DrKSofT

    Writen by:


    MERGE SI PE quick drive?

  8. Avatar

    Writen by:

    2 out of 5


    Cine a făcu ruta, are grave probleme cu gramatica
    În rest e ca orice rută
    Cu toate că unele sectoare de linie secundară sunt nefuncționale.
    Adică deraiat trenul, ( cea ce nu are legătură cu realitatea).
    În special la Ploiești Triaj.
    Și chiar și București Triaj.

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