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CFR Classic Double Deckers Gorlitz Pack contains seven 26-26 series double-decker train cars owned by the Romanian national operator CFR. Built in Germany at Waggonbau Görlitz factory and in Romania at Intreprinderea de Vagoane Arad, these train cars are the most easily recognizable types of vehicles that transported passengers in the last decades in Romania. These highly detailed models come with full passenger views, interior cameras, night mode, door animations and custom realistic sounds.

The pack contains the following 7 double-decker coaches:

TM – CFR B 26-26 030-2
TM – CFR B 26-26 098-3
TM – CFR Calatori B 26-26 023-5
TM – CFR Calatori B 26-26 064-1
TM – CFR Calatori B 26-26 079-9
TM – CFR Calatori B 26-26 105-2
TM – CFR Calatori B 26-26 186-2



Step 1 – Run the utility “TM_CFR_Classic_DD_GORLITZ_PACK_vX_X_X.exe” and follow the installation steps.
Step 2 – Download and install the dependencies “TM_CFR_Classic_DD_Deps_vX_X_X.exe” once. (The dependency package does not need to be installed for each car. Only one installation is required.)
Step 3 – Enjoy the ride!

* Make sure that no antivirus is blocking or influencing the installation utilities.


Technical specifications

Bogey type: Görlitz VI
Maximum speed: 120km/h
Brakes: Air brakes, type KE-P-A
Heating: Electrical and hot air
Weight: ~50t
Length over the buffers: 26.8m



Destination Boards Manual

In order to use this asset on a route, you must first check “TM/RailWorks” in Scenario Editor and find the passenger cars in the list with the “TM” prefix and the control cars in the engines list also with the “TM” prefix.
Custom locos will have to contain “Headlights” control value and “Apply to consist” checked in order to activate the interior lights.


Key Features

★ Highly detailed 3D model
★ Highly detailed Gorlitz VI bogies
★ High quality bogie textures
★ Advanced hi-quality exterior shaders
★ HD winter exterior textures with 3D snow
★ Full interior camera movement
★ 2 highly detailed interior 3D models
★ Interior/exterior doors animations
★ Randomized door opening
★ Editable destination signs
★ Real HQ door sounds
★ Real HQ interior/exterior braking sounds
★ Animated couples between the wagons
★ Animated air pipes between the wagons
★ Animated bridges between the wagons
★ Animated electric cables between the wagons
★ 5 level of detail meshes
★ Dynamic and highly detailed taillights
★  Custom AI behaviour
★  Custom script
★ Easy to use installer


Custom features

All of the doors are animated on the exterior as well as in the interior and open/close randomly which means that some doors will remain open after passenger operations as per real life.


Real and unique sounds

🔈 Running train car bogey, wheels, and junctions
🔈 Exterior and interior sounds depending train speed
🔈 Stopping sounds
🔈 Air Brake sounds
🔈 Real door opening sounds
🔈 Real door closing sounds


Editable destination boards

All of the coaches feature editable destination boards which can be set up in the scenario editor for each car. For more information on their setup please consult the included manual.


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