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Scenario Dependencies


Included scenario:

[DWA] IR 1831: Dej Calatori – Beclean pe Somes route
3 first-class and 7 second-class modernized DWA train cars owned by the Romanian national operator, both in red and blue paint schemes. All the coaches derive from the original 19-80 and 21-80 series, built in Germany by DWA Bautzen, and bought by CFR Calatori between 1992 and 1994.

They entered modernization at “Atelierele CFR Grivita” in Bucharest starting from 2011, resulting in the 19-76 and 21-76 series coaches.

The modernization included a complete interior overhaul, structural upgrades, new ventilation, and heating systems, Eco-toilets, a performant sound system, upgraded electrical control panels, smart access doors (with closing and self-block at a higher speed of 5km/h of the coach) and passenger information systems: displays located outside and inside the wagons to indicate the route via a GPS system.

Today they are mostly used on inter-regional trains between Bucharest-Constanta and Bucharest-Brasov.

The pack contains the following ten coaches, three first-class and seven-second class ones:

CFR Ameet 19-76 950
CFR Ameet 19-76 951
CFR Ameet 19-76 952
CFR Beem 21-76 901
CFR Bmeet 21-76 902
CFR Bmeet 21-76 914
CFR Beem 21-76 910
CFR Bmeet 21-76 951
CFR Bmeet 21-76 953
CFR Bmeet 21-76 957



Step 1 – Download and install this package using the installer provided.
Step 2 – Enjoy.


Technical specifications

Number of seats: 84
Bogey type GP 200 S
Maximum speed: 160km/h
Brakes: Disc brakes, type KE-GPR-D
Heating/Ventilation: Air conditioning (ventilation, heating, cooling) – complex, totally automatic, with ecological Freon
Weight: 39t
Length over the buffers: 26.4m



In order to use this asset on a route, you must first check “TM/RailWorks” in Scenario Editor. You can find them in the list with the prefix “TM”.
The interior lights can be turned on with the default headlights button “H”. The completion of passenger loading will be signaled by a whistle sound both inside the locomotive and outside. The doors will open randomly when passenger loading is activated. The doors will close automatically when the train exceeds 5km/h. The wagons are equipped with editable digital destination boards (See the included manual on how to set them up)


Key Features

★ Detailed exterior 3D model
★ Detailed interior 3D model
★ Highly detalied GP 200 S bogies
★ HD real exterior textures
★ HD decals
★ HD interior
★ Exterior door animations
★ Advanced door functions
★ Randomized door openings
★ Automatic door closing over 5km/h
★ Real HQ bogey sounds
★ Real HQ door sounds
★ Real HQ disc brake sounds
★ Season dependent AC ventilation sound
★ Dynamic door buttons (on/off under/over 5km/h)
★ Highly detailed dynamic taillights
★ Editable digital destination boards
★ AI-compatible night mode
★ Winter textures
★ Custom AI behavior
★ Custom script
★ Easy to use installer


Special thanks

Special thanks go out to: negru13, Andrei Furculesteanu, Alexandru Baiu, Stefan Kezdi, Andrei Rus, Ro_OXD, Emanuel C.


Generall rating:

  1. seba09

    Writen by:


    In sfarsit, sunt si aceste vagoane lansate. Un pic si terminam cu Locomotive, Vagoane si Rute 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Writen by:


    Foarte frumoase! Felicitari! Calitate 100/100, se merita toti banii.

  3. Avatar

    Writen by:


    frumoase vagoane..poate in viitor vor fii si vagoanele de dormit( cu winter mode) .felicitari

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