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Scenario Dependencies

These are REPAINTS/RESKINS. This means that the package contains only textures and other small improvements added to the main loco. In order for this asset to work you need to have installed the main model of CFR 060 – EA 476-692-5 which can be found

Electric Mix Pack #2 contains two freight and four-passenger reskins for the 060 EA 692 locomotive. The freight locomotives are used by private freight operators Grup Feroviar Roman (GFR) and Transferoviar Grup (TFG) while the passenger ones are operated by the Romanian national railway company CFR Călători and private company Astra Trans Carpatic (ATC). Each repaint features high-quality photo textures giving the locomotives a realistic and up-to-date look. The CFR-operated locomotives belong to the Brasov and Cluj Napoca depots.

The pack includes the following six locomotives:

CFR Calatori 477-773-2
CFR Calatori 400361-8
CFR Calatori 400014-3
ATC 40-0316-2
TFG 471001-4
GFR 40-0723-9

And two dedicated scenarios:

[EMP2] R4505: Brasov – Baile Tusnad
[EMP2] ATC R-E 15533 Bucuresti Nord – Brasov



Step 1 – Make sure that you have the main model (CFR 060 – EA 476-692-5) of the loco installed and working.
Step 2 – Run the utility and follow the installation steps.



060 EA 361

This repaint represents the actual look of the locomotive EA 361 belonging to the Cluj Napoca depot. It was made in 1974 by Electroputere Craiova and later modernized with the ICOL CSAM system by Softronic. Nowadays it runs both on inter-regional and regional trains in the classic red-white livery and it also has a front emblem which makes it even more appreciated and known among rail enthusiasts.

060 EA 014

This is one of the most used locomotives at CFR Călători and belongs to the Braşov depot. It was made in 1967 by Electroputere Craiova and later modernized by Softronic with the ICOL CSAM system. The actual EA 014 was interchanged with EA 073 and it is most deserving regio services in the Brasov area, but can also be seen on inter-regional passenger services from time to time.

060 EA1 773

This is a repaint of the 477 class EA 773 electric locomotive belonging to the Brasov Depot. It is the first EA locomotive in the country to receive the ICOL TSAM system modernization in 2007 by Softronic. This locomotive has a more unique version of the well-known “Dolphin” red and white livery which makes it stand out from the rest of the fleet, but like many other locomotives, after more than 13 years of service it inadvertently picked up some dirt and rust along the way. This locomotive is deserving mostly express passenger services around the country.

060 EA 316

This is a repaint of the EA 316 locomotive which used to belong to the private company Astra Trans Carpatic based in Arad. The locomotive is modernized with the ICOL system by Softronic and it was painted in the company’s trademark green-yellow scheme in 2017. It has been deserving long-distance express trains since then until 2021 when the lease expired and the locomotive was painted in another company’s colors. This repaint has a special Christmas lighting mode built-in which can be used during winter by activating the bogie lights on the locomotive.

060 EA 723

This is a repaint of the EA 723 electric locomotive belonging to the private operator Grup Feroviar Roman (GFR). It was made by Electroputere Craiova in 1983 and modernized by Softronic in 2008 when it was fitted with the ICOL CSAM system and painted in the classic Rompetrol (yellow-black) livery. This repaint represents the look of the locomotive in 2017 after it underwent repairs and repainting in the well-known cyan-red livery. It is deserving freight services all over the country.

060 EA 1001

This is a repaint of the class 47 EA 1001 electric locomotive belonging to the private operator Transferoviar Grup. It is one of the two ICOL TSAM equipped locomotives of the company. It used to have a blue-orange livery before it underwent repairs and was painted in a unique black-red scheme in 2017. It was modernized by Softronic in the year 2009 and is currently deserving freight trains around the country.


Technical specifications
Type: Electric
Axle formula: CoCo
Weight: 120 t (264,554.7 pounds)
Length: 19,800 mm (64.96 ft)
Engine Power: 5,100-6600 kW (6,800 hp)
Max Speed: 120-160 km/h (87 mph)


Key Features

New horn sounds
Special Christmas mode
HD real exterior textures
HD winter exterior textures
HD interior textures
Modified interior camera
Modified indusi sound
Custom interior obiects




Special thanks

Andrei Furculeşteanu
Alexandru Popa
Zoltan Gyurka
Bogdan Harfas


Note: This asset is depending on a licensing system that requires an original copy of Train Simulator game and a valid Steam account.


This product cannot be redistributed and modified in any form without the author’s permission.

Redistribution on any other website or forum except www.train-motion.com is strictly forbidden and will entail permanent deactivation of your account on www.train-motion.com and related official pages and we will no longer sell to you any of our future or existing products. (Every locomotive contains info about its owner)

Reverse engineering on this asset or other parts of it is strictly forbidden.
(that means the models, the textures, sounds, the configs)


If you really like trains and what we do for this simulator, please support us by not encouraging piracy of these assets. It’s a huge amount of time and effort involved in the process of creating this level of realism and piracy will just make the authors no longer publish their work.



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  1. John_Black33

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    5 out of 5


    Merită toți banuți ,mulțumim pentru acest content de calitate superioară!

  2. Avatar

    Writen by:


    In descriere spune ca packul contine bonus of two scenarios (M400: Brasov – Baile Tusnad & Bucuresti Nord – Ploiesti Vest)! Am cumparat packul, am cuparat si locomotiva de baza si nugasesc scenarile. Trebuie cumparat separat?

    • negru13

      Writen by:


      Salut Radu,

      Nu, nu trebuie cumparate separat, acestea sunt incluse in pack.
      Daca ai instalate cele doua rute, scenariile iti vor aparea automat la sectiunea “Standard” si vor contine prefixul [EMP2] ce vine de la “Electric Mix Pack 2”
      Denumirea completa a celor doua este:
      [EMP2] R4505: Brasov – Baile Tusnad
      [EMP2] ATC R-E 15533 Bucuresti Nord – Brasov

      Toate cele bune!

      • H1watt

        Writen by:


        Salut! Am cumparat packu asta si am si locomotiva EA cumparata, merge tot doar ca nu mi apar cele 2 rute in zip file sau in folderu de mix pack

        • negru13

          Writen by:


          Salut, packul include doua scenarii pentru rutele respective. Pentru a fi vizibile in lista de scenarii, trebuie sa ai cele doua rute instalate. Numai bine!

          • H1watt

            Writen by:


            aaaaaaaaaaaa am inteless, mersii!!

  3. H1watt

    Writen by:

    5 out of 5


    best of the best

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