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These are REPAINTS/RESKINS. This means that the package contains only textures and other small improvements added to the main loco. In order for this asset to work you need to have installed the main model of CFR 060 – EA 476-692-5 which can be found

Electric Pack #9 contains five different reskins, used by the Romanian national railway company CFR Călători, belonging to Brasov, Bucuresti, Arad, Suceava and Galati depot.
The pack includes:

CFR 400-024-2
CFR 410-091-9
CFR 410-588-4
CFR 450-322-9
CFR 477-880-5

Note: This asset is depending on a licensing system that requires an original copy of Train Simulator game and a valid Steam account.



Step 1 – Make sure that you have the main model (CFR 060 – EA 476-692-5) of the loco installed and working.
Step 2 – Run the utility and follow the installation steps.



– Updated simulation speeds
– Texture adjustments
– EA 024 interior updated
– Interior decoration elements adjusted



060 EA 024

This is a repaint of the Class 40 EA 024, which was built in 1968 by Electroputere Craiova under ASEA license. The locomotive belongs to Brasov depot and primarily operates on regional trains in the Brasov area. This locomotive is special because it’s one of the oldest electric locomotives still in service within the CFR Calatori fleet. This repaint represents the actual look from early 2023, showcasing a rather dirty exterior.

060 EA 091

This is a repaint of the Class 41 EA 091 locomotive, which was originally built in 1971 by Electroputere Craiova, despite the contradicting information on the side plate indicating a build year of 1982. The locomotive belongs to Galati depot and operates on various routes throughout Moldova. Its appearance is typical for locomotives belonging to the Galati depot. It has been decorated with the Romanian flag and has undergone a brief cleaning. The repaint represents its appearance as of late 2022.

060 EA 588

This is a repaint of the Class 41 EA 588 locomotive, manufactured by Electroputere Craiova in 1981. This locomotive belongs to Suceava depot and is the first ICOL locomotive of this depot featured in the game. It showcases the typical attributes of a locomotive from Suceava, with the UIC number positioned higher compared to the majority of other locomotives. The locomotive operates on various routes around Iasi. The repaint accurately represents its appearance as of 2023, presenting a decently clean exterior.

060 EA 322

This is a repaint of the Class 45 EA 322 locomotive, built by Electroputere Craiova and Siemens in 1977. It underwent modernization between 2005 and 2006. Out of the 24 locomotives built, this particular locomotive remains one of the few still in active service. It belongs to Bucuresti depot like every class 45 locomotive, and features the characteristic ICOL CSAM system but utilizes an FHD4 brake instead of the typical KD2 brake found on Class 40/41 locomotives. Its original top speed is 160, but due to technical reasons, it has been limited to 100. It is worth noting that this particular reskin is one of the most intricate, featuring highly detailed textures.

060 EA 880

This is a repaint of the Class 477 EA 880 locomotive, manufactured by Electroputere Craiova in 1989. It belongs to Arad depot and is a commonly used “Delfin” locomotive for interregional and international trains. In 2010, it underwent modernization by Softronic Craiova and was equipped with the Hungarian Indusi system. The repaint accurately reflects its appearance as of 2022.


Technical specificationsType: Electric
Axle formula: CoCo
Weight: 120 t (264,554.7 pounds)
Length: 19,800 mm (64.96 ft)
Engine Power: 5,100 kW (6,800 hp)
Max Speed: 140 km/h (87 mph)


Key Features

✅ Specific horn sounds
✅ Authentic HD exterior textures
✅ HD winter outdoor textures
✅ Real HD interior textures
✅ Customized interiors
✅ Interior cameras modifications
✅ 3D exterior details




Special thanks

Zsolti Pál
Rareş Cîmpean
Andrei Furculeşteanu



This product cannot be redistributed and modified in any form without the author’s permission.

Redistribution on any other website or forum except www.train-motion.com is strictly forbidden and will entail permanent deactivation of your account on www.train-motion.com and related official pages and we will no longer sell to you any of our future or existing products. (Every locomotive contains info about its owner)

Reverse engineering on this asset or other parts of it is strictly forbidden.
(that means the models, the textures, sounds, the configs)


If you really like trains and what we do for this simulator, please support us by not encouraging piracy of these assets. It’s a huge amount of time and effort involved in the process of creating this level of realism and piracy will just make the authors no longer publish their work.



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  1. Valix2RO

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    Niște locomotive de excepție. Fără niciun dubiu, după toate experiența cu produsele Train-Motion pot să afirm că sunteți top din multe puncte de vedere – sunete (cele mai bune), detalii, aspecte realistice, etc.

    Felicitări echipei! Așteptăm mai mult content de la voi pentru că da, chiar merită!
    Cu respect, Valentin!

    • negru13

      Writen by:


      Multumim mult Vali! Toate cele bune!

  2. Avatar

    Writen by:

    5 out of 5


    Excelente locmotive!

  3. H1watt

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    5 out of 5


    Chiar acum cateva zile am fost cu IC-12531 care avea 400024-2, super pack

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