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Known in Poland as Bdhpumn, and now B(16)mnopux, these prototype of these series was built in 1971 at the VEB Waggonbau Goerlitz factory in Germany. In 1988, the Polish State Railways bought 160 Bdhpumn wagons mainly to replace the obsolete and worn-out Bipa wagons running on local lines. They were delivered in 2 batches: 1988 (numbers 000-045) and 1989 (numbers 046-159). In the years 2003-2004, some of the wagons (30 units) were modernized at the PESA Bydgoszcz S.A. plants. All Bdhpumn wagons were factory-fitted with a yellow and blue painting scheme that has survived to this day (however, these are withdrawn wagons). At the end of 2009-2010, a new painting scheme appeared, which then referred to the ‘Interregio’ connections. The wagon had different shades of blue (from navy blue to blue, ending with white) along with red doors. Then a new paint scheme appeared (September 2011), which consisted in replacing the yellow section on the wagon body with a gray one. Since 2011, all active Goerlitz88/Goerlitz89 wagons have received the above-mentioned painting, so the blue-and-white scheme with yellow doors has become the dominant paint scheme. Also, in April 2015, a completely new livery appeared. Two carriages from the PR Olsztyn branch were painted with the paintwork known earlier from the cars 120A and 111Ay(the colors of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship).In the spring of 2017, specifically in April, a new ‘Bohun’ painting appeared, which refers to the current Polregio scheme.

Including 15 passenger cars in different paint schemes together with 3 passenger views, night mode, and custom sounds, these highly detailed models pay tribute to one of the most easily recognizable types of vehicles that transported passengers in the last decades.



Step 1 – Install this asset from the CDP file(s).
Step 2 – Be sure all items are committed.
Step 3 – Enjoy! 🙂


Key Features

★ Detailed 3D model
★ HD real interior/exterior textures
★ Exterior doors animations
★ Full interior camera movement
★ Bogeysound
★ Real HQ doors sound
★ Real HQ braking sounds
★ Night mode


Technical specifications

Bogey type: Görlitz VI
Maximum speed: 120km/h
Brakes: Disk brakes, type KE-P-A
Heating: Electrical and hot air
Weight: ~50t
Length over the buffers: 26.8m



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Reverse engineering on this asset or other parts of it is strictly forbidden.
(that means the models, the textures, sounds, the configs)


If you really like trains and what we do for this simulator, please support us by not encouraging piracy of these assets. It’s a huge amount of time and effort involved in the process of creating this level of realism and piracy will just make the authors no longer publish their work.


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