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This is a REPAINT/RESKIN. That means that the package contains only textures and other small improvements added to the main loco. In order for this asset to work you need to have installed the main model of DB BR185.2 ExpertLine which can be found



Step 1 – Make sure that you have the main model (DB BR185.2 ExpertLine) of the loco installed and working.
Step 2 – Download and install this package.



This is a repaint on the Bombardier TRAXX BR185.2 electric locomotive operated by the Hungarian National Railway MÁV. The locomotive is one of the lot of 25 units delivered to MÁV in 2010 in a classic blue-yellow scheme with a yellow stripe most locomotives have in Hungary and it’s purpose was to replace the MÁV V43 series in domestic intercity services. The 001 was the first ever MÁV locomotive to have a special scheme.  It was launched on the 17th of August 2011 in Budapest Keleti station, commemorating Kálmán Kandó, a Hungarian pioneer in the development of electric locomotives and railway systems. It was celebrating the 79th anniversary of the  V40 001 locomotive’s first trial run, designed by Mr. Kandó.

The locomotive in it’s current state was deserving mostly intercity trains in Hungary and later also serviced the famous Secler Express, carrying pilgrims to the Csíkszomlyó Pilgrimage in Romania. In recent years, following a deal between the Romanian National Railway (CFR) and MÁV, a number of TRAXX locomotives enter Romania and continue their journey to Bucharest without changing locomotives at the border, which saves up precious time in the tight schedule of these services. The MÁV 480-001 remains one of the classics, despite showing tear and wear in it’s livery after almost 10 years of service.


Technical specifications
Type: Electric
Axle formula: Bo’Bo
Weight: 82 t
Length: 18,900 mm
Engine Power: 5,600 kW
Max Speed: 160 km/h (99 mph)


Key Features

HD real exterior textures


Special thanks

Repaint: Zsolt Pal
Photos: Andrei Rus


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